Tascon Corporation Facts Page

Underground utility environment contractor 24 hour emergency response:

A listing of basic questions and answers are provided below to better inform you.

Should you have any questions regarding our services please contact us. We will be pleased to answer all your questions. Contact Tascon Coporation.

Questions and Answers

Does Tascon Corporation provide for full-service environmental issues?

Tascon Corp is a full-service contractor that minimizes the number of contacts needed. We provide an in-depth understanding of all aspects of a clients' operation. We have the worker training and experience, availability of equipment and materials; and comply with all regulatory requirements for your environmental service needs.

What is our reputation?

We encourage you to ask for references and offer them to all our clients. We have available a variety of references in different applications will indicate our ability to address a range of environmental service needs.

Do you offer emergency service?

Tascon Corporation offers 24-hour emergency service should any problems occur after normal business hours, on weekends or holidays. We have an emergency telephone number and after hours answering service.

Does Tascon Corporation have the equipment and material to do the service I require?

General purpose and specialized equipment is used by Tascon to complete the work with provisions for safety, first aid, personal protection, and spill response on-site.


What licenses and certificates do we have?

We have and can provide our client with licenses required to perform the work involved. By having these licenses means you can be assured that we meet certain insurance and regulatory requirements. Additionally, we have training certificates which will indicate our level of training.

What type of insurance coverages does Tascon Corp have?

Being listed in a search on the web or in a telephone directory under environmental or ecological services does not mean that a contractor is fully insured or properly licensed. During the course of a job people and property need to be insured. Many contractors may have inadequate insurance,due to cost saving measures, leaving the client open to possible liabilities. Tascon Corporation can provide you with a certificate of insurance.

What is the types of documentation I should request?

Tascon Corporation can provide you with handling, transportation, and disposal documentation. We will have available a chain of custody, Bill of Lading, and manifests to indicate our compliance with regulations.

Are copies of written policies and procedures available?

Documents which describe our operating policies and procedures to comply with requirements of OSHA and our insurance carrier are available. Clients can request a copy of Tascon Corporation's written procedures for health and safety, standard operating procedures, and OSHA compliance procedures.


What are Septic Systems and Cesspools and their operation, regulation, maintenance and inspection processes?