Tascon Corp Safety Culture

Thousands of workers are injured each year. Many of these injuries and losses are preventable. We implement a sound safety and healthy culture at our worksites to prevent such injuries. Reduced injuries, less time lost from work, money saved on industrial insurance premiums and an increase in profits are the benefits we note from our safety culture. We pass these savings on to our customers.

safety938152Our staff receives annual training. This training is under the regulations of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Further, specialists are mandated to be certified in their fields of expertise. At Tascon Corp we have a safety meeting every morning to discuss the parameters of the days' projected work and the potential dangers that may be arise.

TasCon Corporation's Safety ProgramTascon Coporation employs safety booklets and other training materials. We maintain a strong safety culture and communicate this to all of our workers. 

Our safety booklets allow the employee to learn and implement safety practices not only on the job but to have printed materials so they can read about industry safety at home. Our workplace safety programs are effective in raising employee safety awareness and performance. 

By focusing on proactive solutions to safety problems, we insure that our program is successful. We reward employees for behaviors that lead to a good safety record. Such behaviors include making safety suggestions, attending safety meetings, assisting in safety inspections and reporting close calls.

The training and certification in addition to additional courses provides our crews with the tools and resources to perform their jobs efficiently and safely.